teve Lacey's story is just what God intended it to be; uniquely his. He grew up in a small town in north Alabama where he, like most, attended school, played sports year-round, and went to church every time the doors were opened. His dad, while working a full-time job, served as the church choir director, so Steve did what all choir directors kids do; sang in youth choir, attended singing school, learned to play an instrument, and practiced, practiced, practiced. 
  And, like most kids do, he dreamed. "I remember as a kid, all I could think about was playing football for Alabama and the Dallas Cowboys. The only problem was, those organizations didn't have the same dream!" That wasn't his only dream. "I would hide out in my bedroom and listen to hours and hours of music, mostly old gospel groups like the Statesmen, Speer Family, Gaithers, Imperials, Danny Gaither, Doug Oldham, and Elvis! I can remember singing at the top of my lungs to the millions!" Little did he know that one day he would share the stage with some of these heroes.
          usic has always been part of Steve's life and his heritage.
His great grandfather, Jay Lacey, was at one time a member of the famed John Daniel Quartet, who would later find success on the Grand Ole Opry. Just before they made the move to Nashville, Jay Lacey decided not to go, so he was replaced by another singer; young Jake Hess. 
  His great uncles, Arlie and Elvin Lacey, joined with Rosa Nell Speer Powell (Speer Family) and her husband Edmund to form the Powell-Lacey Quartet. For more than 20 years they represented the Stamps-Baxter Music Company.
  "My dad and my grandfather have been great influnces in my life and gave me this love for singing. I grew up on Sand Mountain, attended singing school as a kid, went to many of the old all-day convention singings. My home town was just a short distance from the hometowns of Vestal Goodman, Cat Freeman, Bobby Strickland, Jake Hess, and the Speer family. Jack Toney (Statesmen) and I graduated from the same high school! I've been around singing and singers all my life. Each person and experience has had an impact on me in some way."
(From left to right) Steve's grandfather AC "Big Boy" Lacey, Steve's dad, Sonny Lacey, and Steve with his son, Ben. to add te
         uring his high school years, Steve was a member of the FFA String band, competing in local and state competitions. He also sang in a couple of local gospel quartets. In his senior year, he auditioned for and received a vocal scholarship at an area community college. In the 10 voice group, Steve was the bass. It was in his second year that he met his wife, Penny. "Penny's dad had been called by our church as the new pastor. She had already received a vocal scholarship at another school, but my dad told her she should audition at my school. My dad...the matchmaker!!" Penny & Steve were married August 27, 1983.
  Over the next 8 years, Penny & Steve would move to Virginia and Tennessee with Steve's job. Their children, Kelly, Amanda, and Ben, were born. Steve would also serve as a bi-vocational music minister with churches in Alabama & Tennessee through these years.
  In 1990, Steve was called to serve as Minister of Music at North Glencoe Baptist Church in Glencoe, AL. In March 1992, one of his choir members, Barbera Riley, called Penny to tell her about a job opportunity for Steve. Barbera is the wife of Gold City's Tim Riley and Gold City was looking for a new baritone. Steve met with Tim, Ivan Parker, Brian Free, & Garry Jones, auditioned, and as they say, the rest is history.
      Powell - Lacey Quartet    Elvin & Arlie Lacey and
Edmund & Rosa Nell (Speer) Powell
August 27, 1983
      n 1992, Gold City was already the premier gospel quartet. During Steve's tenure, the success continued. The group was awarded with 3 Group of the Year awards, a Dove Award, Governor's Achievement Award, and induction into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Now, TBN, and many more, gave the group a world wide audience. Their "Pillars of Faith" project is still considered to be one of the greatest quartet recordings in history, winning Album of the Year two years in a row, an accomplishment that has never been repeated. Steve has had multiple nominations for Favorite Baritone, Horizon Individual, and Favorite Lead in the Singing News Fan Awards.
  Ivan Parker and Brian Free left Gold City in January 1994 and Mark Trammell and Jay Parrack joined the group. 
  Life on the road is tough, especially on the family, so in June 1994, after a struggle to make the decision, Steve left Gold City and joined the Kingdom Heirs of Dollywood. "The time there was great because it gave me the opportunity to do what I love and still be home every night with the ones I love." 
  It was during the next two years that Steve began developing another aspect of his ministry; songwriting. Steve has writtten songs recorded by such artists as: Gold City, Kingdom Heirs, Kingsmen, Talley Trio, Kirk Talley, Won By One, Brian Free, Steve Brock, and Signature Sound, just to name a few.
          fter leaving the Kingdom Heirs and moving his family back to Alabama, Steve recorded a solo project. "I really had no intentions of pursuing a career. I had several pastors and friends that I met on the road that were asking me to come sing, so I wrote some songs and made a CD." One song from that project, "Dare To Be A Daniel," would later be a hit for his buddy Brian Free, topping the charts at #3.
  In 1997, Steve had written some new songs and got Penny and his brother, Mark, together to work on making a demo in order to pitch the new songs to other artists. That demo would be the beginning of a new venture; the Steve Lacey Trio. Together, Steve, Penny and Mark would have some great success with 3 top 20 radio singles, "Down On My Knees," "I Still Believe." and "On The Road Home."
  In 1999, Mark left the group and Russ Randolph joined the trio. The group continued it's success and the touring picked up. "We were really traveling a lot, so we decided to home school the kids and take them with us. We're big on family!"
  Steve and Russ began another work relationship that continues today. "While he was singing with us, Russ had his own advertising company. He has many years of extensive experience in the advertising field. One day, he asked me if I thought I could write a jingle for a local car dealer. I did, and he sold it!  We've been working together that way ever since."
  After Russ left the trio in 2001, their oldest daughter Kelly began singing. "Kelly has a real talent and loves to sing. So, when Russ left we asked her to sing with us and she still is." 
      n 2002, the Laceys decided to come off the road and Steve began working as a solo artist, music evangelist, and worship leader. He also served at Southside Baptist Church in Talladega, AL as Minister of Music. In June 2005, he accepted the call to serve as Minister of Worship at Gilliam Springs Baptist Church in Arab, AL. He was ordained into the gospel ministry in August 2005. While managing a full time schedule at the church, he continued to receive calls for concerts and to serve as a worship leader for conferences & revivals around the country. In January 2009, he resigned his position at the church in order to be available for these opportunities.
  Recently, Penny & Steve relocated to Keller, TX to be near their children and are both active members of First Baptist Church, Colleyville.
  "I suppose my life story is no different than most. All our lives are made up of joys and disappointments, twists and turns. But for me, in every situation that I have found myself in, it has been the music that God has always used to open doors. I look back now and see that kid singing in his bedroom and I can't help but be amazed at how God has given me the desires of my heart. And the wonderful thing is......there are still songs to sing!"
The family 2012 
(top) Ben, Wade, Kelly, Daniel
(bottom) Meagan, Steve, Sam, Penny, Amanda
The Laceys
Penny, Steve & Kelly
Kingdom Heirs 1995
Jamie Graves, David Sutton, Kreis French, Steve, Dennis Murphy, Steve French & Eric Bennett
Steve Lacey Trio 1999-2001
Russ, Steve & Penny
The Original Group 1997
Penny, Steve & Mark
The kids, 1992, the year Steve joined Gold City.
Amanda, Kelly 
& Ben (bottom)
Gold City 1992
Garry Jones, Brian Free, Mark Fain, Steve, Tim Riley, Doug Riley & Ivan Parker
Listen to a clip of the Powell-Lacey Quartet from their live radio program, 1950's
The Lacey Quartet from a family reunion. Even in their late sixties, they could still do it!
One of Steve's jingles
Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry w/Ricky Skaggs. Jay Parrack & Mark Trammell join GC, 1994
College Street Singers 1982-83
Steve is top center. Penny is in front of Steve to the left

Samuel Douglas Phillips, our grandson!!!
April 30, 2012

Meagan & Ben
June 1, 2013
The family is growing!!
"Not to us, oh Lord, not to us, but to Your name goes all the glory for Your unfailing love and faithfulness."    - Psalm 115:1